Bess DE/343861
born on 13.03.16 in Germany
(HD-A1, DNA Normal for CEA, IGS, TNS, MDR1, CL and MH)

Bess is a daughter of Kate who has bred the probably currently best dog of Germany, namely Win of Hendrik Kienker. Additionally is her litter sister Star, run by Hendrik Kienker, the current German Champion. Next to Bess four other kids of Kate have A1 hips.

Bess' Sire is Cap. Under Caps ancestors there are numerous champions, and Cap himself has qualified with less than three years for the World Trial and the European Championship and participated successfully.

When Bess was 7 months old Eckhard began to train her. In November Eckhard and Bess qualified with two second and one first place in a record time of only three days for the participation on the qualifying trials for the European Championship.

Bess will be mainly used for breeding.

Her trial results:
Open Class:

Jübek04.11.17Rank 1
Jübek03.11.17Rank 2
Jübek02.11.17Rank 2

Sire:Cap 00/330816 - Eckhard Sievers
Dam: Kate 298074 - Eckhard Sievers

Owner: Eckhard Sievers