Cap 00/330816
born on 04.12.2013 in Scotland

HD-B1,DNA Normal for CEA and TNS, IGS carrier

In February 2014 Eckhard Sievers brought Cap home from his breeder Ian Brownlie (Scotland) to get fresh blood into his kennel. Cap's dam Star was bred by Ian Brownlie as well, from his International Champion bitch Mo who is Scottish National Champion, too, and Joe of Bobby Dalziel, International Champion and Scottish National Champion. Cap's sire is Michael Shearer's Scottish National Champion 2013 Jim. Jim won the qualification of the World Trial 2014 and ran in the Finals. In 2015 he got fifth in the Supreme Championship. Grandmother Mo also ran in the 2015 Supreme Championship. Her Sire Spot (McVicar) is International Supreme Champion, too. His ancestors are obviously very successful dogs, and he himself can be used as stud dog bringing finest blood.

After several attempts to get a really good dog for trials and for fresh blood in his kennel this dream came true with Cap. After only four months of training he successfully ran in the highest trial class. He impresses with his will to cooperate, his driving qualities, his sheep sense and his very good temperament. He is just plain fun and turns hope into reality.

Cap, not yet 3 years, qualified for the World Trial 2017 in the Netherlands.

His trial results:
Open Class:

Qualified for the CSC 2020 (CH) 08-11 October 20 Rank 7
Finals German Championship 20 September 20 Rank 3
Qualified for the WT 2020 (GB) 17-20 September 20 Rank 4
Baden-Württemberg-MS 5-6 September 20 1 . Platz
Niedersachsen-MS 21-23 August 20 Rank 3
Japzow 25 June 20 Rank 2
Japzow 21 June 20 Rank 1
Borstel05 Oct 19Rank 1
Qualified for the CSC2019 Wittbek (D)22.-25. AugustRank 3
Czech Open11 Aug 19Rank 9
Czech Open Quali 09/10 Aug 19Rank 1 in the group
Ahrenviöl19 July 19Rank 2
Niedersachsen-Meisterschaft21-23 JuneRank 2
Ahrenviöl16 Dec 18Rank 1
Ahrenviöl15 Dec 18Rank 2
Meggerdorf20 Oct 18Rank 2
Meggerdorf04 Oct 18Rank 1
Schleswig-Holstein-Meisterschaft29-30 Sept 18Rank 2
Finals German Championship 16 Sept 18German Vice Champion
Qualification German Championship 14-15 Sept 18Rank 4
Participation CSC 2018 Ticha (CZ)23-26 August
Thüringen Championship21-22 July 18Rank 5
Ahrenviöl5 Nov 17Rank 3
Ahrenviöl1 Nov 17Rank 1
Rheinland-Championship 17 29/30 OctoberRank 2
Baden-Württemberg Championship29-30 JulyRank 4
Qualified for the CSC 2017 (N)24-27 AugustRank 7
South German Championship 01-02 AprilRank 5
Qualified for the WT 2017 (NL)13-16 JulyRank 10
Qualitz11 Dec 16Rank 2
Ellerdorf3 Sep 16Rank 3
Süddeutsche M.6/7 May 16Rank 6
Borstel20 Feb 16Rank 1
Witch Mountain Trial1 Nov 15Rank 2


Sire: Jim 00/316751 - Michael Shearer
Dam: Star 00/314364 - I.M. Brownlie

Owner: Eckhard Sievers