Dell DE/343861
born on 13.03.16 in Germany
(both parents DNA CEA Normal)

Dell is a daughter of Kate who has bred the probably currently best dog of Germany, namely Win of Hendrik Kienker. Dell's Sire Elwy Sid (who is also Win's Sire) was three times German Champion and started on top on several Continental Championships and World Trials.

In Summer 2018 Dell took a great development in training and equaled the club record of Eckhard's Bess in her first five starts in the open class (class 3). In five days she collected five qualification points.
From 2019 on Dell will be team member next to Cap and Joe.
At the European Nursery Championship for young dogs in the Netherlands (ENC) in March 2019 Dell reached the final and finished 8th out of 173 starters from 20 nations. Internationally she put one on top and finished 3rd both in the qualification and in the final at the Belgian Open in July 2019. We'll see what comes next...

Her trial results so far:
Open class:

Borstel 06 Oct 19 Rank 3
Borstel 05 Oct 19 Rank 2
Borstel 04 Oct 19 Rank 3
Ahrenviöl 19 July 19 Rank 1
Ahrenviöl 18 July19 Rank 2
Niedersachsen-Meisterschaft 21.-23.06.19 Rank 7
Ahrenviöl 13 June 19 Rank 1
Finale Belgian Open Rank 3
Qualifikation Belgian Open Rank 3
Finals ENC 10 March 19 Rank 8
Field 1 Tag 1 ENC 08 March 19 Rank 1
Meggerdorf 21 Oct 18 Rank 2
Meggerdorf 20 Oct 18 Rank 5
Koxbüll 05 Oct 18 Rank 5
Meggerdorf 04 Oct 18 Rank 7
Meggerdorf 01 Oct 18 Rank 5

Sire: Elwy Sid 00/298663 - Eckhard Sievers
Dam: Kate 298074 - Eckhard Sievers

Owner: Eckhard Sievers