Kate 360483
born on 21.05.2018 in Germany

Except for Bod, this litter for the first time combines all until today successfully managed dogs from the kennel of Eckhard Sievers. Just to mention a few names: Elwy Sid, Lyn, Speed, Flake, Cap, Del etc.

The first sheep contact with half a year in the roundpen gives good reason for hope. In 2019 Kate will be trained by Eckhard Sievers.
In October 2019 Kate presented herself on her first QT-Trial in Borstel with a great performance and got rank 4 and rank 5 as well as her first qualification point.
Only four weeks late Kate had gained all four qualification points and has qualified with 18 months for the championships of the new season where she can gain the first points for the Continental Sheepdog Championship in 2021.
In July 2020 with only two years and one month Kate participated on the first Qualifier for the CSC in 2021 and won the "Frau Holle Championship" with a total of 68 starters.

Her trial results:
Open Class:

Meggerdorf 24 October 20 Rank 2
Sagsdorf 11 October 20 Rank 5
4-Tage-Rennen Day 2 02 October 20 Rank 3
4-Tage-Rennen Day 1 01 October 20 Rank 2
Finals German Championship 20 September 20 Rank 5
Niedersachsen-Meisterschaft 21-23 August 20 Rank 6
Frau Holle Meisterschaft 10-12 July 20 Rank 1
Japzow 25 June 20 Rank 3
Japzow 24 June 20 Rank 2
Japzow 21 June 20 Rank 7
Japzow 20 June 20 Rank 5
Jörl09 Nov 19Rank 5
Meggerdorf08 Nov 19Rank 8
Jörl07 Nov 19Rank 6
Borstel05 Oct 19Rank 4
Borstel04 Oct 19Rank 5


Sire: Joe DE/319142 - Eckhard Sievers
Dam: Bess DE/343861 - Eckhard Sievers

Owner: Eckhard Sievers