Tim 00/363483
born on 16.01.2019 in Wales

Tim was bought from Floyd Farthing after he only had little training. At first he was insecure, but after confidence-building measures he made very good progress. After a short time he was able to start in the open class and secured the first two promotion points for the WT and CSC qualification at his first runs in Japzow with good performances. Currently there is a justified hope that Tim will enrich Eckhard Sievers' team in the future. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

His trial results:
Open Class:

4-Tage-Rennen Day 3 03 October 20 Rank 1
Japzow20 June 20Rank 10
Japzow21 June 20Rank 11
Japzow24 June 20Rank 6
Japzow25 June 20Rank 7


Sire: Duke 280383 - WG Davies
Dam: Aeron Yan 00/325580 - DAL Davies

Owner: Eckhard Sievers