From left to right:
Eckhard Sievers with Bod and Derek Scrimgeour with his top
dog Jim.

For many years I hold contact to well-known handlers and trainers from Great Britain and Ireland, like e.g. Glyn Jones, Dennis Burchall, Jim Cropper, Bobby Henderson, Jim Easton, Tony Iley, Alf Kyme, Con McGarry, Bobby Dalziel, Dick Roper and especially to Derek Scrimgeour.
Mostly impressed I was by Derek Scrimgeours method to train and handle dogs.

This man is mostly appreciated over the whole world.
He is very much in demand as a trainer, and gives clinics e.g. in America, Italy, Switzerland, France, Scandinavia etc. In the last years the friendly relationship grew so much that Derek Scrimgeour visites me several times a year to improve my knowledge and handling of dogs.
So it is not that much surprising that most of my dogs are bred by Derek Scrimgeour or have been bought under his supervision.

Other well-known handlers from Great Britain and Ireland have trained me and my dogs.

Derek Scrimgeour's website: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Border Collie Deutschland the International Sheep Dog Society